Case Study: French Prizes


The Prize Papers Project progresses in several modules geared to present the entire collection online in 2037.

Documents from one module will be released as soon as a critical portion has been digitized. From then on, documents and data is continuously released until the end of the module.

Over the course of 2022, we publish representative case studies of documents that were found aboard captured ships seized by the British during the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1747). We will present our first selection of exemplary records along with the corresponding court records.

The purpose of these case studies is to introduce our users to the richness, character and diversity of the Prize Papers collection. All these papers are held in the series HCA 30 and HCA 32 at The National Archives, UK. The documents will be made available online for the first time as digital images with metadata. The first case study is related to French prizes, ships captured by the English from their French opponents during the War of the Austrian Succession.


The background to these fascinating time capsules is presented in a detailed dossier on our homepage.


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